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Praktoreio Geyseon – Nostimopoleio

Πρακτορείο Γεύσεων

«ZYMA» company was established in 1990 at Kordelio, Thessaloniki, with purpose the production and catering freeze-dried products of barm and sweets.

The establisher and General Director of PRESTO ?B?E Maradides Thomas, after of years experience as a production manager next to Frenchmen and German experts, as such also Greeks traditional artificers, he decided to create quality products of barm and sweets for the Greek consumers, with a keenly combination of Thessaloniki’s traditional art and French taste.

Working with great appetite and concocting enduringly new products, the company had a flyer development and that had as a result in 1994 to be translocated in bigger diggings at Evosmo, Thessaloniki, employing 10 workpeople and having 2 allocation motortrucks.



The boom up-moving career of the company continued, so that in 1997 to relocate at BIPE of Kalohori, Thessaloniki, in an area of 500 sq.meters, increasing together the armada of the motortrucks and the number of the employees.

In 1999 was created at Melisohori, Thessaloniki, one over and above laboratory exclusively for traditional supplies, on the order of cream-filled pastry and provincial pie, where works only traditional artificers from Thessaloniki.

At the same time, there were established two ancillaries, one in Athens, for the service of the customers in South Greece and of the islands and one in Alexandroupoli for the satisfaction of the customers needs in Thrace.

Today it has become to a Joint-stock company, with the brand name ZYMA. Occupies at the time 40 employees and having also an armada of motortrucks/reefers, which is constituded by 18 allocation automobiles, that they are distributing its products in the entire mainland, as also at the islands with more than 3000 pleased customers.

The entrance of the company in the area of SUPER MARKET, CATERING, RESTAURANTS, with the brand name «ZYMARAKIA» guided to the production of standard products, so as to achieve thoroughness and satisfaction of that market, begging as well imports and trading of seafood, meats, cheeses and freeze-dried greenstuffs.



From June 2001 ZYMA is based at its privately owned diggings at Lagada, Thessaloniki, in a space of 10x(1000 sq.meters), with main purpose to continue to offer products of guaranted quality and service, that everyone knows. The company produces a wide variety of pastry products, sweets, croissant, bread, treacles, sandwiches, cooked meals as well as many special products always according to the rules of the Hygiene and Safety System HACCP.

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Διεύθυνση: Ασσηρος, Λαγκαδά
Τ.Κ.: 57200
Τηλέφωνο: 23940-25900
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